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Vist Linda Heming's Blogsite on Lyme Community Forums at

Visit the website of Dr. Sandra Mannelli (Psych Sense) at

Visit The Greater Hartford Lyme Disease Support Group website at  This is a great resource from the heart of tick country, Connecticut.  This support group is run by Randy and Laura Sykes, a couple who have devoted countless hours to helping Lyme patients.  Despite living with Lyme disease, they have worked tirelessly with the government of Connecticut to make changes in their state and nationwide.  Thank you, Randy and Laura, for the DVD's and all you have and are doing for people afflicted with tick-borne infections.

Visit Hope to Heal Lyme at

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Visit Author Jerry Leonard's website at

Visit Miguel Perez-Lizano's website at

Lyme Aid Parents is for parents who have children with Lyme disease. Children with Lyme disease, and their parents, face unique challenges and situations. Lyme Aid Parents is a place for parents to come together and discuss these challenges and situations, to find support among others and to seek advice from those who have an intimate knowledge of this unique situation.

Visit the Lyme Disease Foundation at

Visit Lymeblog at

Visit, an international Lyme disease website created by author PJ Langhoff.  We wish to thank PJ for expanding our knowledge of Lyme disease and its devastating effects upon families in her recently-published book entitled The Singing Forest, A Journey Through Lyme Disease.  You may purchase her book at

Visit Lyme Society at

Visit Sue Vogan's website at

Visit Lyme Support at

Visit the Michigan Lyme Disease Association at

Visit the National Capital Lyme Disease Association at

There's also the Pediatric Network which provides online support for CFS, FM, OI, and most recently, Lyme, since many of us started out with other diagnoses.  Mary Robinson, co-founder, provides great support and information.

Visit Ticked Off and Fed Up (TOFU) at



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